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2017 Video Tracking & Inspection Supported
     I'm glad to announce that your orders could be tracked through videos in Utmosttouch Mfg in 2017.

   Technology is supposed to make people's work and life easier, and it's abvious that communications of phones and emails are not enough in the future business activites.

   Here we're going to have two options for our customers to track and inspect the orders.

   1, Online video chat, like facetime, skype or wechat, when the time and network are available for the workshop and the customers. The production manager will show you the whole production processing in the video.

   2, Recorded video, sometimes the order production is earlier or later than expected. when the sales received your request mail, we'll record the production video in 3 working days when production starts, and load the video online, the link will be sent to you accordingly.

    Everything we do is for the long-term trust and relationship with you!